Kaigal is an social enterprise which aims to organize the unorganized blue collar jobs sector and it is meant to provide an unique platform for unskilled/low skilled workers to find better employment opportunities and for businesses to employ blue collar workers at ease.



A Study says 70% of jobs in India are into blue collar/grey collar category. Yet, we don't have an organized solution for the betterment of people who are looking for blue collar jobs and for businesses/industries in employing them. What is lacking today is a standard operational platform where both the work seekers and the businesses can get benefit out of it.


There are only few or less companies who have tried to venture into this sector. With India flourishing with Make In India/StartUp India policies, there is a strong need for organizing the blue collars engagement in businesses. With virtually no records of employment Or worker database, today, there is indeed a greater to risk to SME’s and industries who dependent on unskilled/low skilled labourers for carrying out their businesses.



Our unique idea is to make use of digital / telecommunication technologies in reaching to unskilled/low skilled workers and connect them with businesses. Blue collar sector being an unorganized sector which means the employment of workers itself doesn’t come with proper records, making it an organized sector and creating records of their employment which make this sector as equal to white collar job sectors.


Bringing in business ranging from small shops which requires a sales woman to big industries who requires large scale blue collar workers and connecting them with workers from all over Tamil Nadu, as  a first step.



Our team comprises of people from the businesses who know the pain points of current model of blue collar workers engagement to people from technology and product to create an unique solution in bringing them all under an umbrella.


None other than us understand the pain points of the problem. With over 40+ collective years of experience in the areas of product development, management, software engineering and running an independent multi-crore revenue generating business, We confidently say that our team will make a huge impact in the society.


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